An Open Thread About Life Insurance

If you elect to give John Hancock your wearable data and you’re a good little wearable wearer, you could earn gift cards for your healthy habits!

The Cost of a Car Break-In

If you regularly park your car in San Francisco, it will get broken into. It’s simply a matter of time.

If You Changed Affordable Care Act Insurance Providers, Make Sure Your Former Provider Knows

My former Washington State insurance provider sent me a bill and an insurance card.

When Is It Better Not to Know?

Congress Isn’t the Only Way We Could Lose Access to the ACA

Health insurance companies can also decide to stop offering ACA plans.

Did You Know That Was a Thing?

I am opting out of credit card and insurance offers RIGHT NOW.

The Cost of Buying New Hearing Aids: Part Two

Hahaha, I am going to need more money.

What Cancer Can Cost (Even With Insurance)

Our expenses, as heavy as they were, represent a best-case scenario for the costs of cancer.

Peanuts for Sale

Should I Get Dental Insurance?