A Song of Debts and Assets: The Financial Status of the Characters in Game of Thrones

Davos Seaworth is a mild doomsday prepper: he has a bug-out bag with a lot of cash in it.

Financial Erotica for Feminists

He invested deeply, so deeply.

A Series of Weird Impulse Buys, Ranked on a Scale of 0-10

In which 0 equals “no regrets” and 10 equals “all regrets.”

Clean: A Halloween Story

The handprints are everywhere. No matter how many times I clean, they come back.

Throwback Thursday: In Defense of Cheap Toilet Paper

It will never be valuable to me to put even a few dollars more toward name-brand TP.

Throwback Thursday: Generic Products I’ll Never Waste Money on Again

It’s an extra dollar for the blue box. That proprietary blend of artificial cheese flavors just can’t be beat.

What to Do When Your Wallet Is Stolen

1. Realize your wallet is no longer in your purse.

Throwback Thursday: If Disney Princesses Were Debt Types

Which Disney Princess debt type are you?

How The Belladonna Comedy Built a Thriving Comedy Site in One Year

I e-sat down with the editors of the site to talk about their progress one year in, their plans for the future, and if monetization is among their goals.

I Won, I Won!

Winning $4 on a scratcher lottery ticket.