Throwback Thursday: Goodbye, Little Green Couch

The couch was ugly and old and free. Did I want it? Of course I wanted it.

Throwback Thursday: Buy All Your Furniture at Target, For Tomorrow We Die

We own cheap furniture because we sense, consciously or unconsciously, that our situations are temporary.

Places I’ve Lived: China and Canada Edition

Many short-term rentals in Shanghai, Toronto, and beyond.

On Rural Areas and Creativity

I don’t feel like I live in a rural area, especially after having grown up in a tiny Midwestern town.

How Long Does a Guest Have to Stay Before They Start to Pay?

Having a long-term guest means spending more money than usual on all kinds of household items.

The Cost of Feeling “At Home”

We just moved to a new place (I can’t call it home yet) and I am straining to feel comfortable here.

How Buying a Home Freed Up My Life

Worried that buying a home limits your personal and financial freedom? Think again — sometimes, it can be the total opposite.

How to Stock Your First Kitchen

This kitchen setup will enable you to cook a wide variety of foods without breaking the bank.

The Cost of a Thrift-Store Couch

It was cheap. It was ugly. We thought we could improve it.

Staying Put and Staying Broke

Why I don’t plan on leaving Berkeley.