The Cost of Jumping Into Jujitsu

Twice a week I put on my gi and belt, and grab my notebook and weapons, and head to the dojo.

The Unexpected Costs of Leaving

I had planned for the cost of renting a moving van and so on, but the “goodbye Ann Arbor” expenses added up quickly.

When Your Friend Moves Into Your Old Apartment

Why was I so uncomfortable with my friend living in the space I had once called home?

What Happens When Your Friend Crashes With You During Their Apartment Hunt

Sharing an apartment with someone else is complicated in the best of times, and looking for an apartment is quite possibly the worst of times.

Bank of America Tries to Make “Pay Back a Friend Day” Happen

Pay Back a Friend Day comes with an official Friends Again Report, in which we learn that 53 percent of people surveyed have lost a friendship over loaned money.

Learning to Accept Money From Others Has Helped Me Heal From Abuse

That night, I received nearly $200 in donations, and had no idea how to react other than to say “thank you” as humbly as I could and purchase my ticket out of town.

Trading a Friend for a Couch

When friends become roommates.

Call for Pitches: Money and Relationships

Can’t buy me love. (Or can you?)

The Cost of Working for Your Friends

And the cost of offering them the Friends and Family Rate.

The Cost of Company