When You Used to Have a Career — But Now You Don’t

I didn’t change careers by choice.

From Full-Time to Freelance

I had an idea in the back of my head that I wanted to stay home when I had kids — though at the time I wasn’t anywhere near starting a family.

The Easiest Way to Track Your Freelance Receipts

I’ve been a full-time freelancer since 2012, and it took me until this year to put together a good system for tracking my freelance receipts.

I’m Doing My Own Taxes This Year

I’m also getting a refund for the first time since I started freelancing.

I Have Been Trying to Move to the USA for Over 10 Years

Immigration is so expensive!

I Used My Holiday Downtime to Test a Freelance Career

How much money could I earn from three days of full-time freelancing?

More of Us Might Become Independent Contractors This Year

This is the flip side of that “we might all get higher wages this year” story.

Every Answer My CPA Gave Me

I do not need a business license to be a freelance writer in Iowa.

Lucy Bellwood Shares How Much She Earned After Her Artwork Went Viral

Bellwood wrote up a list of all the major websites and social media accounts that shared her image, the number of people that liked/commented/responded to the image, and the number of prints she sold.

I’m Great at Being Frugal, But I Need to Earn More Money

My name is Brit, and I’m an incredibly frugal person.