Want to Learn How to Build a Freelance Career?

Photo by Bram Naus (cropped) on Unsplash.

I know I’ve mentioned that I’m teaching an online freelancing course through Hugo House this fall, but I’m mentioning it again because registration is now open:

How to Get Started as a Freelancer

How do you get started as a freelance writer? Is it possible to turn freelancing into a full-time job? Nicole Dieker is in her sixth year of full-time freelancing, and she’ll teach you everything she knows about how freelancers make money; how to pitch (even when you don’t have clips); how to build a freelancer schedule that combines writing, pitching, networking, and administrative work; and how to grow your earnings over time.

This class takes place online through Wet Ink. Students will receive an invitation to join Wet Ink one day prior to the class start date.

The four-week course runs from Saturday, September 29 to Saturday, October 27. It’s a self-directed course, which means you can complete the weekly lesson and assignments at your own pace. (I’ve estimated that each week’s lesson and assignments will take approximately two hours to complete, although your mileage may vary.)

In addition to the lessons and assignments, you’ll also get access to a classroom discussion board where you can get to know other writers. I’ll be checking in with the discussion board to see how y’all are doing and to answer questions.

The course costs $235, but you can get a $20 Early Bird discount if you register before September 3.

I’ve taught a variation of this course in person multiple times, and students have described it as “one of the most informative classes I’ve taken.” I hope the online version is equally informative, and I hope to see you in class if you’re interested in signing up!

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