The Hidden Costs of Poverty

If you had told me that being poor would be the most expensive thing I have ever experienced, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I’m a Disabled College Student Supporting My Family

Over the past two years, I have given my mother $10,000.

Financial Struggles of the Unemployed Me

Six months after my last job, there was still nothing on the horizon.

Going From the Best Food to the Cheapest Food

I can no longer afford fruits but sometimes I do treat myself to bananas when I’m feeling particularly rich.

Balancing Mental Health and Financial Needs

My depression snuck up on me — and cost me my job.

Balancing Disability and a Career

People assume that everyone who is disabled gets financial assistance, and that’s far from the truth. Just like anyone else, we generally have to work.

What I’ve Learned From Fifteen Years in the Entertainment Industry

As someone who has been making media for almost fifteen years, I have not yet made a full-time living from my own creative work.

Everything I Did After I Lost My Job

I had never been unemployed in my adult life up to that point. I had no clue what to do.

Financing My Boyfriend’s Dream With My Own

I tried so hard to hide the resentment and worry I felt whenever a joint expense came up. But he knew.