In Which I Decide to Go After Financial Independence

According to the Financial Freedom online calculators, at my current earning/saving/expense rate, I could be financially independent in twelve years.

Has “Financial Independence” Been Downgraded to “Work-Life Balance?”

Like some of y’all, I occasionally do the math on whether I might be able to retire early.

Thoughts on Rounding the $300,000 Portfolio Milestone

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life and in personal finance, but the one thing I did right was invest in my 401(k) immediately upon starting my first career-building job in 2008.

How I Became Successful by Not Following My Passion

I decided to work on making a lot of money now, so I could buy myself the freedom to do what I wanted later.

“No” Was My Parents’ Best Advice

“If you need money, don’t ask us,” they said. “Because our answer will always be no.”

It Felt Weird When He Paid

By Fourth of July, I moved to D.C. with $4,000.

How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Mary Anne

An Interview With a Woman Who Started Her Career During the ‘Mad Men’ Era