An Update on Wearing the Same Thing Every Day

I’ve worn the same basic outfit every day for nearly two months.

How Self-Tracking Helped Me Conquer My Bad Shopping Habits

When the bar in my closet collapsed under the weight of all my clothes, I knew I had to do something.

The Cost of Wearing the Same Thing Every Day

Not, like, the EXACT same thing.

I Got Rid of 24 Shirts This Weekend

I threw away a lot of stuff during this weekend’s fall cleaning project, and I put even more stuff into “to-donate” boxes.

I Only Buy Six Items of Clothing per Season

I do stretch this rule quite a bit—workout clothes don’t count, a tote bag doesn’t count, the like-new Danskos I found at Crossroads ($22.50) didn’t count because, I don’t know, they’re waterproof? Maybe shoes shouldn’t count, period.

What Women Want: A Tote That Can Hold a Packed Lunch

I want a tote bag that looks nice and professional, and I want to bring my lunch to work. I need these two options to co-exist, and I’m finding more and more that they don’t.

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The Cost of a Year of Pixie Haircuts

Adventures in Poshmarking

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