The Cost of a Year of Pixie Haircuts

You’ll learn exactly how fast your hair grows.

Yes, I wore the same shirt on purpose. Also, have fun looking at all my books.

Exactly one year and one day ago, I cut all my hair off.

The Cost of Getting a Pixie Cut

That first pixie cut cost me $46.25 ($31.25 plus a $15 tip). A year later, my stylist has moved salons and my pixie costs $55 ($40 plus a $15 tip).

Over the past year, I’ve spent $569.99 on pixie maintenance, which represents 11 individual cuts. (I can go about four weeks between trims/reshapes, as opposed to the two months I used to go between haircuts.)

Is it worth it? YES. I love having short hair, and I love having bangs that work with my face, and I love not having to worry about my hair blowing into my eyes. $569 isn’t really that much in the grand scheme of things, anyway; it’s, like, the equivalent of those two $5 lattes we’re all drinking every week. (I heard the Latte Factor cited on the most recent Bad With Money podcast. We’re supposed to stop drinking $5 lattes every day—which would cost $1,825 if that’s what people were actually doing—and only drink lattes twice a week.)

So that’s a fun data point for a Monday morning—and yes, my next haircut is scheduled for this Friday.

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