Tuesday Newsday

It’s time to catch up on all the news that happened over the long weekend!

A Facebook Open Thread

I don’t know how closely you follow Facebook news, but Mark Zuckerberg recently went from being the third-richest person in the world to the sixth.

Money I’ve Spent Since Joining Facebook in August 2017

The last time I was on social media I had a Friendster account. I can’t even tell you what year it was; all I know is that it was eleventy years ago.

You Can Now Use PayPal in Facebook Messenger

If you want to make peer-to-peer payments without leaving the Messenger app.

Are These Interns Earning TOO MUCH?

Facebook Is Introducing “Personal Fundraisers”

Free Lunch

The Cost (and Profit) of Fake News

Facebook Needs More Personal Content to “Power the Money Machine”

Facebook Wants to Judge Your Credit Worthiness By the Company You Keep