The Cost of My Mother’s Death

Picking a casket was nearly impossible.

Why I Planned My Own Funeral as a Healthy 27-Year-Old

This is perhaps the closest I’ll get to speaking from beyond the grave: my phone, set to speaker mode, cutting through the silence in my apartment as I talk about postmortem arrangements with a funeral home employee.

This Week in Pods

Today we’re going to discuss the open-source euthanasia pod.

Making Plans for My Money (and My Body) After I Die

The following is to be read upon my death — and also, I hope, well before.

A Checklist Before Dying

Here is an overview of how to prepare for the (inevitable) worst.

The Farewell Tourists

Job Of The Day: The Person at the Funeral Home Who Does It All

You Should Be Making A Will. Like Right Now.

No matter who you are, it will help.

The Cost of Things: When Your Grandma Suddenly Dies

For Vast Majority of Americans, the Estate Tax Is A Non-Issue — Why Do We Still Care?