Living in Cedar Rapids Without a Car

How I’ve been doing, so far.

People Are Selling Their Cars and Using Lyft Instead

A good quarter million of us got rid of our cars, Lyft reports.

Car Companies Want to Track Everything Drivers Do

Car companies are adding data mining clauses into lease and sales contracts.

If Automatic Investing Leads to Higher Auto and Mortgage Debt, Is That Necessarily Bad?

Without the interest rates and the investment returns, it’s difficult to say whether they’ve made the wrong choice.

The Cost of Going Home for Christmas

I wanted to surprise my parents, who didn’t know I was coming.

A Tale of Two Minis

It’s just not fair. If I had a dollar for every time I have uttered those words in 60 years, I would have had the $18,997 needed to pay for that car.

What If I Didn’t Buy a Car?

What if I just rented a car on the days I needed one?

The Cost of Moving: Renewing My Driver’s License 25 Days Before I Move

Even though I haven’t driven a car in ten years, I still have a valid driver’s license.

How a Person With a Car-Related Financial Quandary Does Money

Elizabeth (not her real name) is a 30-year-old education professional in Philadelphia.

What My Car Cost Me

Comparing the cost of my used car to the cost of buying a new one.