The Cost of Owning My First Car in Middle Age

For my first twenty-five years as a licensed driver, I didn’t have my own car.

The Cost of Putting 100,000 Miles on My Car

Dory already had 76,000 miles on the odometer when I bought her.

The Cost of Re-Learning How to Drive

Now that Ragtime has closed and all of the snow has finally melted, it’s time for me to re-learn how to drive.

Why I’m Ditching My Beloved Car

My husband and I are contemplating ditching my 2007 Honda Fit and becoming a one-car household.

Living in Cedar Rapids Without a Car

How I’ve been doing, so far.

A Tale of Two Minis

It’s just not fair. If I had a dollar for every time I have uttered those words in 60 years, I would have had the $18,997 needed to pay for that car.

What If I Didn’t Buy a Car?

What if I just rented a car on the days I needed one?

What My Car Cost Me

Comparing the cost of my used car to the cost of buying a new one.