Done With Stuff

I just have to spend this $229 and then I will be done buying stuff. I will, finally, have everything I need.

Why I’m Constantly Returning to the Supermarket

At least once per transaction, I catch something — last week it was a jar of peanut butter, on sale for $3.99, that rang up at $5.49.

A Year of Unpaid Maternity Leave

When I got pregnant I knew that I wanted to take a year off to stay home with the baby.

Spending Money on Boring Things

I just spent $200 and I’m so bored that I’m annoyed. I’m so bored by what I spent money on that I am going to tell you about it.

The Unexpected Costs of Having a Baby Two Weeks Overdue

Our tiny daughter was due to be born on December 4, 2017. She arrived on December 18th — exactly two weeks late, after 42 weeks of being pregnant.

The Unexpected Costs of Getting Ready for a Baby

There are a lot of unexpected costs.

The Cost of a Maternity Wardrobe

I can get through my pregnancy with one pair of jeans.

My Month Using ClassPass

The Expected Price of Biking to Work this Summer

Me-Made-May May Not Be Made for Me