A Friday Chat About Pickles and Holiday Programming

NICOLE: Happy Friday!

NICOLE: It’s Wednesday.

NICOLE: Shhhhhh. Just… shhhhhh.

NICOLE: We should tell them that we’re taking Friday off work to do a bunch of fun stuff, though! Transparency is our brand.

NICOLE: Okay, fine, now they know. Anything else they need to know?

NICOLE: We’re not doing a Friday Estimate today because it would be way too hard to estimate how much we’re going to spend between now and January 2, when we return to Regular Programming.

NICOLE: I mean, I hope we’re not going to spend much of anything beyond a Lyft ride or two to our parents’ house to hang with the fam.

NICOLE: And rent. And our health insurance premium. And all those other bills that turn over at the first of the month.

NICOLE: Cool cool cool. So we’re going to spend a bunch of money.

NICOLE: But it’s okay because we saved a dollar by buying cocktail pickles instead of gherkins!

NICOLE: You still feel guilty about that, don’t you.

NICOLE: A little. Would gherkins have been more festive? For the smorgasbord?

NICOLE: I’m more interested in why gherkins were more expensive. Especially because the jar contained fewer ounces of pickles than the cocktail pickle jar.

NICOLE: Do you think people will notice? Cocktail pickles aren’t that much larger. It’s like a pickle the size of your ring finger, instead of a pickle the size of your pinky.

NICOLE: Calm down. “People” are your parents, and they won’t care.

NICOLE: Wait wait wait I just googled “gherkins vs. cocktail pickles,” and it turns out they’re not the same thing? At all?

NICOLE: Cite your sources.

NICOLE: The Kitchn! “Cornichons come from a few types of small-growing gherkin plants that are picked when quite young because as they grow more, the pimply nubbins become sharp spikes. Although they are similar to cucumbers, they are not true cucumbers.” We got the wrong kind!

NICOLE: But we saved a dollar!

NICOLE: We’re totally going to go get the other kind, right?

NICOLE: Sure, fine. Add that to the Friday Estimate we’re not doing.

NICOLE: Is it time to say that we’re also not doing much programming next week? There’ll be one piece per day between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, except we’re skipping Christmas Day because it’s Christmas, and we’re also skipping the weekends, and then we’re skipping New Year’s Day but we’ll be back on Jan 2?

NICOLE: Let me say it. I’ll do a better job. Billfolders, we’re going to be running our annual holiday programming slate next week — check in every weekday (except Christmas and New Year’s Day) for a special guest feature.

NICOLE: We’ll be doing our annual New Year’s Resolution post when we get back in January, because we haven’t written it yet. Or… thought all that much about our resolutions.

NICOLE: Shhhhhh!

NICOLE: Transparency!

NICOLE: We should have picked a different brand.

NICOLE: Of pickles?

NICOLE: Okay, we’re done here. Happy Friday, everyone! Happy holidays if you celebrate ’em, happy end of 2018, check The Billfold next week for new posts, check your pickles to make sure you bought the right ones, and we’ll see you in January.


NICOLE: Thanks for letting everyone know.


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