Monday Check-In

I found this mug when I was going through my old stuff at my parents’ house. It went in the “oh, I am keeping this and drinking out of it EVERY DAY” pile.

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to check in with our weekend spending.

I ended up spending more than I had anticipated on my Brucemorchestra ticket — the advertised ticket price was $15, but that bumped up to $20 the day before the event (which is not how the orchestra usually does prices, so I wasn’t expecting it). and ended up costing $24.90 after ticket fees.

My dad came with me, so I packed us a picnic to enjoy during the outdoor concert: a baguette from the local bakery, charcuterie and cheese from the local meat-and-cheesery, and apples that I already had in my refrigerator. That cost $22.98.

I also returned the frost-free vest I got from Old Navy because it didn’t fit, and reordered a new vest in a different size. I’ll get $23.04 refunded, but I paid $28.19 for the new vest — and yes, I looked for the option to exchange items online but there wasn’t one. When I was packing up the old vest I noticed that my receipt had instructions for exchanging items over the phone, so I could have saved $5 if I’d read the receipt first. Whoops.

Total spending: $76.07.

How about you?

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