Summer Pledge Drive: Halfway There

We are halfway through our Summer Pledge Drive, and it’s time to update our cool fundraising thermometer:

When we did our Q&A yesterday, I wrote about not having a specific financial goal for this fundraiser (my two goals are to increase programming and increase the money we pay our freelancers, both of which we’ll do on a scale proportionate to our income).

However, I have since GOALED UP. Our official goal is $1,800, or $300 in additional reader support over the next six months. When you pull out taxes and operating costs, that money will fund five additional stories per month between September and December; after we raise our freelancer rates in 2019, it’ll fund four additional stories in January and February.

Our pledges have more than doubled (yesterday we were at $134, today we’re at $470 — and yes, I’m multiplying the Patreon pledges by six) which is very exciting. Thank you!

If you’d like to support The Billfold, please consider becoming a monthly Patreon contributor (or increasing your monthly Patreon contribution, which MANY OF YOU HAVE DONE, and THANK YOU), or making a one-time-only contribution through PayPal.

Instead of just one classic Billfold article, today you’re getting our entire Halfway Series, aka “remember last summer?” (YES, IT REALLY WAS JUST LAST SUMMER.) Enjoy!

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