This Week in Pods

Photo credit: Tom Driggers, CC BY 2.0.

How much do you love shipping containers? I hope the answer is A WHOLE BUNCH, because you might end up drinking and/or sleeping in one very soon.

At Dwell, we have shipping container pod bars:

Canadian prefabricated home builder Honomobo has debuted the Honomobar, a portable bar made out of a recycled shipping container. Able to be sent anywhere across North America, the Honomobar is a pop-up structure that can bring hospitality to your backyard, the pool, by the lake—or anywhere else a drink may come in handy.

And no, this isn’t just for Canadians. Honomobo is rolling out its Honomobars in Seattle and San Francisco — but I’m assuming they only really work if you have both a backyard and enough cash to purchase a $19,764 portable bar. (What’s wrong with just putting your liquor and lemons on the kitchen counter? Or setting up a cooler on your back deck? Is that not hospitable enough anymore?)

Meanwhile, Newsweek wants us to prepare for Airbus’s new shipping container class:

Aircraft colossus Airbus has announced plans to convert the luggage storage areas of its planes into sleeping and recreation areas for passengers.

Airbus is partnering with Zodiac Aerospace to develop dedicated sleeping modules which are interchangeable with luggage containers. According to a joint press release, the companies say the plan will offer travelers better value and choice.

The plan will also allow Airbus to make more money by squeezing people into the cargo hold — but it’s still better than economy, right?

Long-term Billfolders might remember that Airbus has been talking about this pod plan since 2016. (Wow, have I really been doing This Week in Pods for two years?) Now it’s one step closer to being a reality.

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