Friday Estimate

Photo credit: Kārlis Dambrāns, CC BY 2.0.

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to estimate our weekend spending.

Saturday is Cedar Rapids’ annual Ecofest, with opportunities to plant trees, test-drive electric cars, listen to live music, and get a tour of Mount Trashmore. (I can’t decide whether it’s hilarious or depressing that so many cities and towns have their own Mount Trashmores.)

The Ecofest activities are free, but I might end up spending $10 or so on food from local vendors. TBD.

I also might end up spending $150 or so on a new pair of Warby Parker glasses, depending on when my Home Try-On Order arrives. (The website says I could get my order any time between now and Monday.) I got my eye exam this week, which cost $218 out of pocket but will be reimbursable through my HSA. The new glasses will also be reimbursable, so expect a “how I got reimbursed for my qualified HSA expenses” post soon.

Total estimate: $0-$160.

What about you?

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