Tuesday Check-In

This is the apartment with the sofa and coffee table in; I’ll have an updated photo soon with sofa pillows, art, and plants. Also sunlight.

Happy new year! Let’s start things off by checking in on our recent spending.

Before our winter holiday break, I estimated everything I might spend between Friday, December 22 and Tuesday, January 2.

Here’s how I did:

  • I estimated I would spend $15 on airport food, and I spent $22.04. (I did drink Huel on both the outgoing and returning flights, but I bought a granola bar each way plus a $14.99 box of Airborne chewables.)
  • I forgot to estimate that I would need to pay for Metro fares in DC; I ended up spending $22.
  • I estimated I would spend $35 on the taxi back to my apartment, and I spent $0. (Took the bus!)
  • I estimated I would spend $2.50 on Corn-Fusion popcorn, and I spent $5.75. (Ended up buying a bag to share with my parents.)
  • I estimated I would spend $118.29 on a month’s worth of dinners and household goods through HyVee Aisles Online, and I spent $111.39. (They did a few substitutions that worked out in my favor.) I also spent $3 tipping my delivery person.
  • I estimated I would spend $650 on rent and $16 on renters insurance; I spent $650 on rent, but my renters insurance turned out to be $18.34.
  • I had a question mark for NYE, but I ended up spending $50 to participate in the Murder Mystery Dinner. (I was neither the murderer nor the person who successfully guessed the murderer.)
  • I did not estimate that I would spend $8 to go ice skating and $16.04 on lunch. (Totally worth it.)
  • I did not estimate—though I should have—that I would spend an additional $22.10 at Amazon after using gift cards I got for Christmas.
  • I also did not estimate that I would need to spend $53.49 on a space heater after the heat went out in my apartment, but my landlord is going to reimburse me for the cost.
  • And I spent $24 on Lyft rides to/from Bed Bath & Beyond (to get the space heater), because the buses don’t run on New Year’s Day.

Total spending: $1,006.15.

How about you?

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