Friday Estimate

Photo credit: Jessica Quirk, CC BY 2.0.

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to estimate our weekend spending.

The Billfold will be running a series of themed features next week (on the subject “Our Uncertain Year”) but we won’t return to a regular posting schedule until January, so… how much estimating do you want to do today?

I’m going to be bold and estimate everything I might spend between now and January 2.

  • $15 on airport food/water for the flights to and from Washington DC to celebrate Christmas with my sister/BIL/nephew. My parents will be traveling with me on the flight out, but I’ll be returning a little earlier than they will. Haven’t yet decided whether I’ll take Huel for the planes.
  • $35 on the taxi from the airport back to my apartment.
  • $2.50 on Corn-Fusion popcorn during NewBo City Market’s free showing of Star Wars: A New Hope on December 29.
  • $650 on rent.
  • $16 on renters insurance.
  • $118.29 on a month’s worth of dinners and toiletries that I’ve already loaded into Hy-Vee Aisles Online. $59.93 of that is food, $58.36 are household goods/toiletries, and since it’s over $100, I’ll have it delivered!

Also, a big question mark for NYE. There are half-a-dozen restaurants and hotels throwing interesting-sounding parties, and although I will very likely go to the murder mystery party, I’m still investigating my options. They’ll all cost me $50–$75.

Total estimate: $900.

How about you?

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