This Week in Pods

Photo credit: Mike Mozart (cropped), CC BY 2.0.

Even though it isn’t yet Thanksgiving, I am still thankful for this week’s POD NEWS: Kentucky Fried Chicken is selling an “Internet Escape Pod” for $10,000.

The pod, which is topped by what appears to be a secret blend of Colonel Sanders and that long-legged bear, is supposed to be a haven from the onslaught of online promotions that… wait a minute, isn’t KFC currently running an online promotion? I don’t see the Colonel creeping around my house to tell me about this pod like he was the Burger King or something. (Is that reference still good? It’s been years since those commercials.)

But anyway, here are the details:

Cyber Monday is fast approaching, which means you are about to be bombarded with a hailstorm of coupons, BOGOs, hot dealz, and brand advertising. Find sanctuary for yourself and your loved ones under Colonel Sanders and his Internet Escape Pod. Yup, this dome is like a magic force field designed to disrupt the internet coming to and from your devices. We were going to sell this for the ridiculously high price of $96,485.34, but in the spirit of Cyber Monday it can be yours for $10,000.


The order page notes that they can’t guarantee that the pod will arrive by Cyber Monday. They can’t even guarantee that the pod blocks the internet, though they’re going to try their best to make sure it does: “Upon installation, every effort will be taken to ensure it fully blocks your device.” Also, you have to have someone else install the pod for you; the fine print states “You agree not to unpack or assemble the KFC Internet Escape Pod.”

I’m very curious whether someone will end up buying one of these pods just because they want to put it on the internet.

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