Checking In With My Savings Plan: October 2017 Edition

In October, I received $4,900 in freelance earnings and $333.66 in book royalties, or $5,236.66 total. Here’s what I put in my sub-savings accounts:

Taxes got 25 percent, or $1,309.17.

Savings got 15 percent, or $785.50.

That left $3,142 for my checking account.

Currently, my checking account balance is $2,584.86, which is a little lower than that $3,000 account buffer I like to have in there, but I also have a few more paychecks that I thought I would receive in October that I will (assumedly) receive in November, so it balances out.

Here’s Mint’s graph of my total net worth:

It looks like I’ve recovered from the slight net worth drop last month after paying estimated taxes. The real question is how much of a drop there’ll be when I move. I did realize that I will never have to pay rent on this apartment again, which is nice; next month my rent is likely to be half as much, though I’ll probably be paying first+last+security, so it’ll… well, we’ll see how much it costs. I’ll know a lot more next week, when I visit Cedar Rapids to start apartment-hunting!

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