Uber Has a Credit Card Now

Photo credit: Núcleo Editorial, CC BY 2.0.

Part of me is like “this is just another store card,” but here we go: Uber just released the Uber Visa Card.

From the Uber Newsroom:

Today we’re excited to announce the Uber Visa Card, a no-annual-fee credit card designed specifically with our riders in mind. We spoke with our customers about how and where they spend and what matters most in a credit card. The result is a card full of extraordinary benefits tailored to them. 

The Uber Visa Card gets you 4 percent back on dining, including UberEATS; 3 percent back on hotel and airfare; 2 percent back on online purchases, including Uber rides; and 1 percent back on everything else. (There are other rewards, including the usual “get X bonus if you spend Y,” which you can review for yourself.)

This “percent back” comes in the form of points—each point is worth a penny—and can be redeemed as cash, gift cards, or credits towards your next Uber ride.

Which brings us to the actual point of the Uber Visa Card, as CBS News explains:

Uber’s credit card is clearly being marketed as a digital credit card first and a physical card second. Uber customers will be able to apply for the card within the Uber app, with most of the personal information needed for the credit card application pulled directly from their Uber profile. If approved, the card can be immediately loaded into a customer’s mobile wallet. The goal, Uber’s David Richter said, is to have people applying, getting approved, loading the card and paying for the ride with the card all while the customer is being taken to their destination.

Last week, Facebook added PayPal to Messenger. On Monday, Chase launched Finn, the mobile-only bank. Today, Uber is putting a credit card into its app. None of this is necessarily new—we could always send money through Messenger, banking apps have been around for years, and plenty of us pay for our coffee through the Starbucks app—but it suggests that companies are trying to make it as easy as possible for us to spend money (while collecting a whole gob of data).

Anyone want to get the Uber Visa Card? Or are you happy with the credit card currently linked to your Uber account?

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