Friday Estimate

Photo credit: Seattle Parks, CC BY 2.0.

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to estimate how much we’re going to spend this weekend.

I don’t need to do laundry this weekend (I did it on Wednesday), but I do need to pick up a few groceries and household goods, so I’m going to estimate $60 for that.

I’ll also be doing panels and signing books at Readerfest in Magnuson Park this weekend, and I really want to make sure I leave my apartment with enough time to take the hour-long bus ride, because the Lyft will cost me $25 each way and I do not want to pay that much.

Lastly, I need to pay estimated taxes before the September 15 deadline, which means sending the IRS $5,000.

Total estimate: $5,060.

How about you?

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