Introducing the Friday Open Thread

Today’s topic: financial differences among friends.

Photo credit: normanack, CC BY 2.0.

With Megan gone, I no longer have a Friday Chat buddy—but that’s okay, because we’re going to open up the Friday Chat to all of you.

Every Friday, we’ll have an Open Thread on a suggested topic. (If you’d like to suggest a topic, email

This week’s topic, as suggested by a Billfolder: how to manage friendships in which your friend(s) make significantly more or less than you do. Or, how to manage friendships in which you and your friends make about the same amount but have different ideas on how to spend money, especially when doing things together.

Enjoy! Also—enjoy Summer Fridays. We’ll be ending our scheduled posting a little early on Friday afternoons like we do every summer, to give everyone a chance to get off the internet (if they want to) and not have to worry about missing any new Billfold stories.

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