Making Sandwiches at Work Is Not a Money-Saving “Hack” of Any Kind

Oh my god.

A sandwich this man made at work. To save money. It’s a sandwich.

If avocados are the new latte, something tells me that pre-packaged sandwiches from Pret are not far behind, if this ridiculous video from British Sandwich Week at the BBC are any indication.

A cheaper, tastier way to eat lunch at work? – BBC News

Please, let us watch Dougal Shaw enlighten us for British Sandwich Week about his experiment making sandwiches in his work’s kitchen in an attempt to save money. He goes to a grocery store, buys some stuff to make the sandwiches — ham and cheese, for those curious — and then proceeds to make them. Every day. In the office at work.

Here’s how much he was spending on pre-made sandwiches.

Here is how much he spent by making his sandwiches at work — getting the meat and the cheese beforehand and buying the bread fresh, because there really is something quite unappetizing about the texture sandwich bread gets when you transport it from home to office in a Ziploc bag.

For starters, this isn’t really a “hack.” It’s making your own lunch to bring to work, but instead of doing it in your kitchen at home and packing said sandwich in a little bag and throwing it on top of your laptop, you’re making it in the kitchen at work. Yes, you’re saving money by buying ingredients at the grocery store, where a package of deli meat and some pre-sliced cheese could cost the price of one pre-packaged sandwich, or a sandwich and some chips and maybe an iced tea. This is just making your lunch at home, but at work. Same concept, different location.

You’re not going to buy a new house or a car or get yourself out of debt by making your lunch every day. The lattes you cast aside in favor of coffee at home won’t make you a millionaire. Avocado toast isn’t going to bankrupt you so that you can’t own a house. Make your sandwiches at home or in your office kitchen if you want, but only if you want to. And while you’re at it, don’t call it a hack.

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