The Worst (Best?) Scam Email I Found In My Inbox This Morning

It’s like they aren’t even trying to fool anyone!

Strong Bad knows what to do with these emails.

We need a good laugh today, and believe me, I laughed at this:

I love that it starts with “Hey.” The traditional business greeting.

The real PayPal would capitalize their opening sentence. The real PayPal would probably also not make their salutation look like the world’s worst mail merge.

“we have noticed that someone try access to your credit card and to your account information we have stopped him and you must verify your info now.” I appreciate the strict adherence to sentence structure with “to your credit card and to your account information;” I’m less impressed that they’re making assumptions about gender. (How do you know this person is male, scammers? I mean, you made him up, so I guess you do.)


Also, here’s what the real PayPal logo looks like:

So they didn’t even copy/paste the actual logo; they just typed the word “PayPal” in italicized font, added some color, and hoped we wouldn’t notice. (Would you have known that the PayPal “a” is a single-story a, not a double-story a? Would you have even known that those were the two names for the lowercase a? I didn’t, until five seconds ago.)

“Thank you 2016-2017”—there’s so much to laugh about here that I am going to choose to focus on the fact that a date range needs an en dash, not a hyphen.

Did any of you get this email today? Did you get it three times, like I did?

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