You Can Pay for Your Washington Post Subscription via Amazon

Because of course you can.

Photo credit: George Kelly, CC BY 2.0.

Since the election, I’ve been doing all the things that everyone says to do: making donations, calling elected officials, doing a little phone banking for Foster Campbell, and so on.

I’ve also signed up for Wall Of Us, which provides “four concrete acts of resistance delivered to your inbox every week,” and one of this week’s acts was to subscribe to a newspaper.


I picked the Washington Post, mostly because I’ve been really impressed by David Fahrenthold’s reporting on the Trump Foundation, as well as the WaPo’s politics reporting in general.

Trump Foundation admits to violating ban on ‘self-dealing,’ new filing to IRS shows

A year-long subscription costs $99, although you can upgrade to the Washington Post plus the DC Edition for $149.

You can also pay for your subscription with your Amazon account.

Which, of course you can. Jeff Bezos runs Amazon and owns the Washington Post, so it makes sense (not necessarily journalistic sense, but business sense) to link the two sites somehow, and why not do it through money?

And I was all “fine, whatever, I know Amazon has some flaws but overall I really appreciate everything it’s done to improve my life,” so I linked my Amazon account to the Washington Post and paid the $99, no big deal, at least I wasn’t linking my Facebook.

Then I found out that, as an Amazon Prime member, I could have received the first six months of my WaPo subscription for free.

Imagine how much better my subscriber experience could have been had I linked my Amazon account and gotten a screen that read “We see you’re an Amazon Prime member. That means your first six months are free! Thanks for supporting good journalism.”

Instead, I learned after the fact that if I had subscribed through instead of, I could have gotten a better deal.

But the point of subscribing to the Washington Post was never to get the best deal. If I wanted the best deal I’d have kept hopping the paywall.

The point of subscribing was to help fund journalism and to tick off one of the Wall Of Us boxes and to feel like I was doing my part to strengthen American democracy, even though most days I make the calls and tick the boxes and wonder if I’m doing anything at all.

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