How Much Have You Spent on Your Pet Over the Past Decade?

Is it close to $49,000?

Lady and the Tramp

This weekend, Sabrina Rojas Weiss gave Refinery29 a rundown of all the money she’d spent on her dog in the past twelve years:

Every Dollar I Spent On My Dog In 12 Years

Despite the fact that India’s no posh show dog, taking care of her is no bargain. I was blissfully unaware of how much the costs of a pet can add up, especially now that she’s a “senior” dog. In 11 years, she’s cost me about $49,000* — that’s twice the national average (this didn’t take into account dog-walking or pet-sitting). Of course, when I look into her warm chocolate eyes, I know I’d pay another fortune for her all over again. Perhaps if I break it down, though, future dog owners won’t suffer such sticker shock.

The breakdown is great, and includes line items like “Booties to protect against sidewalk salt (yeah, didn’t work): $15.” We also see how minor dog expenses, such as treats, can add up; Weiss estimates she’s spent $2,400 on dog treats in the past twelve years, which is only $200 a year (or $17 a month)—and it’s less than the $2,900 over twelve years ($20 a month) she’s spent on actual dog food.

You could almost say that dog expenses mirror human expenses. Treats, in the aggregate, aren’t necessarily more expensive than food; treats also supplement food, the same way that snacks and restaurant meals take the place of homemade snacks and meals that you would still have to pay for.

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Weiss’s two biggest pet expenses aren’t treat- or toy-related at all; they’re are healthcare ($9,300 over twelve years) and dog walking ($26,300 over twelve years, and proportionally analogous to childcare expenses). But I’d bet that many dog owners, just like many people, still agonize over whether to give their dogs (or themselves) treats, even though that expense is such a tiny fraction of what you’re actually spending.

So give yourself—and your pet—that treat, or that $5 laser light pen, because we are all good dogs.

Then start saving up for healthcare.

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