The Cost of Mr. Biscuit’s Last Meal

Mr. Biscuit died at peace in my arms, with the taste of buttery chicken still on his tongue.

Throwback Thursday: I Hired an Esteemed Cat Photographer to Take Photos of My Cat

Mr. Biscuit is a 12-year-old, purebred Blue Point Himalayan.

A Pet Pampering Open Thread

No Friday Chat this week, but I did want to share this NYT article about what people are buying for their pets, these days.

The Cost of Adopting a Dog

I’ve been waiting for years for destiny to bring me a dog.

My Last $100: Parsley and Pet Toys

I’ve never written for the Billfold before, but I am a big “Last $100” fan.

Should SNAP Benefits Include Pet Food?

When hard times hit, people can apply for food stamps for themselves and their families — but they don’t have an equivalent way of feeding their pets. 

Rehousing the Bandits

My Last $100: Wasting Money to Save Money

The Cost of Moving a Cat

The Cost of My Dog Eating a Cup of Raisins