Everything I’m Excited To Spend Money On, Once I Feel Like I Have Money To Spend Again

A listicle without commentary

happy Lisa
  • Therapy
  • Climate-appropriate outerwear
  • Underwear without holes in it (except for the holes put there by the manufacturer)
  • Socks (ditto)
  • Sweaters (ditto)
  • Boots, specifically the La Canadienne ones I mourn and never replaced, but maybe because those are still too expensive some other kind
  • Shoes
  • Yeah, in summary, a grown-up working lady’s wardrobe
  • Makeup to complement the grown-up working lady’s wardrobe
  • Tickets to Oscar season movies
  • Salads with avocado
  • Sandwiches with avocado
  • Avocado, basically
  • Also good cheese
  • A three-bedroom apartment
  • Books books books
  • Some songs on iTunes because mostly the music I listen to is music I bought in college and I’m pretty sure there’s been some music made since then
  • Diet coke. Haha, just kidding, I never stopped spending money on Diet Coke
  • A vacation someplace warm, pretty, and far away
  • A bike for BG
  • Most of these are Things, not Experiences
  • Things are okay, you know, nothing wrong with Things
  • Swimming lessons for probably both kids, there, that’s an Experience
  • BG is doing dance already, we’re not depriving her
  • Dinner at one of those places Pete Wells approves of
  • Babysitting. Lots and lots of babysitting.
  • A new sink for the bathroom. Did I mention our sink’s been broken and for the past two weeks we’ve been brushing teeth and washing hands in the bathtub?
  • Retirement
  • 529s
  • Wedding presents for everyone we owe wedding presents
  • “Welcome, baby!” presents for everyone we owe welcome baby presents
  • Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton
  • Our shul
  • The occasional over-priced dessert
  • My bi-annual haircut
  • Maybe a pedicure?
  • Sweet baby Jesus, a massage


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