A Money Diary: June 15

Daily total: $4.16 at the airport Starbucks, because Nicole told me to. (For reference, my order is a tall, x-hot, no-water, 2-pump chai latte.)

Thanks for all of the support w/r/t my breakdown yesterday. I’m not quitting (yet!) but I am definitely going to spend more time thinking about how to balance responsible budgeting against the desire not to be held hostage to money fears. (And yes, I recognize the sheer idiotic privilege contained in that statement.)

I also decided to tally up the first half of the month, which I regretted immediately after having done so. In the first 15 days of June, I have spent $2720.62 (that includes my monthly rent and insurance). Prior to beginning this experiment, I laughably estimated I spent about $2500 per month. That should show just how out of touch I have been with my finances since moving to Toronto and going freelance. At the very least, I should now be able to more accurately estimate how much I will need to be bringing in each month to avoid carrying credit card debt or dipping into my savings.

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