A Holiday Treat Question of the Day

Photo credit: Stewart Butterfield, CC BY 2.0.

I had no trick-or-treaters this past Halloween. (Apartments rarely do.) I didn’t make a costume. But I did buy two enormous bags of Fun Size candy and invited friends to come over, watch movies, and help me eat them. I also bought a bag of candy corn just for myself, because candy corn only comes once a year.

On Christmas Eve, even though I was going to leave on a plane the next morning to go visit my family and do presents and Christmas dinner and everything, I still decided to treat myself to the standard Christmas Eve activities of “going to see a blockbuster film” and “going to church,” with “going out to dinner, by myself” in between.

This upcoming Sunday will be Valentine’s Day. I am not romantically involved with anyone right now, but I could definitely see myself stopping by the grocery store and buying a bottle of sweet red wine and a heart-shaped box of chocolates. (I put that extra $30 into my Friday Estimate for a reason.)

And if there were a Dairy Queen anywhere near me, I would absolutely be walking down to buy the new Singles Blizzard, because my favorite way to celebrate a holiday is by eating the most ridiculous novelty consumer food product I can find. (I am 100 percent serious about this, by the way. I’m the one who purchased—and loved—Hershey’s candy corn creme bars.)

So that’s my question of the day, Billfolders: novelty consumer food products aside, when holidays come around, do you automatically think “okay, I want to treat myself to something?” This question could apply specifically to single people on Valentine’s Day, but I find that it applies to me pretty much year-round, whether or not I’m single or partnered: I hate “missing holidays,” so I make a point of finding small ways to celebrate everything I can, whether I’m by myself or with the people I love.

What about you?

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