Amy Schumer Still Rents an Apartment With a Murphy Bed

I get the “now that you’re making more money, are you going to move into a better apartment?” question a lot. (Especially when I announced, earlier this year, that I was going to move into a better apartment.)

But I’m still exactly where I am: in a microapartment with no kitchen, filling a bus tub with water from the bathroom sink every night to wash my dishes.

If it makes me feel any better, Amy Schumer is in the exact same position. As Business Insider reports:

The 34-year-old comedian is still living in a small apartment in New York City.

Schumer recently told Radio 1’s Scott Mills, “I’m like the richest person I know and I have a one-bedroom and a walk-up. My bed folds up into the wall and I iron there.”

As for why she hasn’t upgraded, Schumer said, “Everyone says I’ll make money on the next thing, but they’ve been saying that for 11 years.”

So Amy Schumer still has a Murphy bed, and I still wash my dishes in a bus tub, and maybe that’s just how life is. Business Insider also notes that Schumer’s current apartment is a step up from her previous digs, where she and a roommate paid $1,275 to share a Chinatown studio.

And my apartment is a step up from the one in Los Angeles, where I paid $780/month for a room that was so small it couldn’t fit a bed; I slept on a camping futon on the floor.

Which makes Schumer’s current apartment, even with its Murphy bed, feel very aspirational.

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