Welcome to Our Newly Redesigned Website!

Hello! We have a new website! You’ll notice that there are a ton of changes, but the main thing is that our site loads much better than it did before. Also! We look really great if you’re reading us on a mobile phone (as many of you do).

Another significant change is that we’ve changed the way our comments work; we are now using Disqus, a comment hosting service that is commonly used on other websites. You can comment by signing in with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts, or by signing up for a Disqus account (which you may already have if you use it to comment on another site that uses Disqus). We are currently in the process of migrating our old comments onto the site, and after that’s complete, you will also have the option of signing into Disqus using your original commenter accounts, so stay tuned for that — your old commenter accounts have not disappeared!

If you see anything out of order (there may be a few bugs here and there), feel free to send us a note to let us know (or to tell us how much you love or hate the new site): notes@thebillfold.com.

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