Grocery Shopping Never Ends

Remember how I went grocery shopping last week and said “but it doesn’t feel like I bought any food?” Well, I was right on that count.

Look at that refrigerator! Nothing in there but a bunch of condiments, some assorted carbs, and half a pack of ham. (Nothing in the freezer either, except half a bag of brussels sprouts.)

I should also qualify that yes, I do keep my dry goods in the refrigerator. I have no cupboards, which means that all my food has to go into the refrigerator or hang out under my bed, I guess. (And that sounds just too gross for words.)

So I went grocery shopping again, even though it has only been a week since my last shopping trip. What did I come home with?


— Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats, two 18 oz boxes: $5.00

— So Delicious Cashew Milk Beverage, two 32-oz boxes: $5.00

— California Giant Blueberries, two 6 oz packages: $5.00


— Oroweat Original Oatnut Bread, two loaves: $5.00

— Pacific Organic Tomato Soup, two 32 oz boxes: $6.98


— Fresh Selections Baby Spring Mix, “family size” bin: $2.49

— Kroger Colby Jack Cheese, 16 oz: $4.69

— El Monterey Bean and Cheese Burritos, eight count: $3.99

— Kroger Wild-Caught Pacific Cod, two fillets: $5.99

— Taipei Frozen Meal, two packages (beef and broccoli, bourbon chicken): $5.00

— Amy’s Spicy Organic Chili, 14.7 oz: $3.79

With the $0.05 paper bag and what appears to be no tax for some reason (seriously, the receipt says “tax 0.00”), my total comes to $52.98. This brings me to a grand total of $242.44 in grocery spending for May.

How are you doing this month, grocery-wise? All this shopping is making me wish I could sign up for one of those grocery delivery services.

This story is part of our food month series.

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