Billfold Housing Survey Results: Are You a Millennial?

This week, we’re looking at the results of our Billfold 10-Question Housing Survey. Today, the question to end all questions: are you a Millennial?

As you’ll notice, I broke this question into two parts: “are you a Millennial,” and “would sources that track the Millennial generation as anyone born after 1980 consider you a Millennial?” Yes, some Millennials are turning 35 this year — but until the Homeland Generation comes of age, we’ll still be considered the babies of the generational family, perpetually young and worthy of hand-wringing thinkpieces.

So how many of us are Millennials? Take a rough guess before we take a look:

Sixty-five percent of survey respondents identify as Millennials in the first pie chart, but a full eighty-two percent of our respondents are Millennials once we include the people who grudgingly admit that, yes, they were born after 1980.

In the long run, I suspect the Millennial designation will hinge on one of two round numbers: 1980, or “people who graduated high school in 2000,” which generally means people born around 1981 or 1982. (Future historians will conflate the two numbers and say that people who were born in 1980 graduated high school in 2000, and nobody will bother to check.)

Which means, yes, even those of us who are almost thirty-five count as Millennials.

And most of our survey respondents count as Millennials too.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at how many of us want to own a home someday, and what obstacles are preventing us from homeownership.

This survey is part of our Real Estate Month series.

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