$900 Craigslist Ticket to Lena Dunham’s NYC Book Reading Still Available

Now that Ask Polly has moved from The Awl to The Cut, I guess I’ve started reading The Cut.

Which is how I found out that there’s a man on Craigslist selling one ticket to Lena Dunham’s October 21 book reading at the Brooklyn Academy of Music… for $900.

Let’s back that up. Lena Dunham’s book Not That Kind of A Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned” releases on September 30. The book tour — which The Cut described as “sort of a combination Q&A, concert, and episode of Girls” — is essentially sold out. As Gawker notes, there is “a thriving market for Dunham tickets across the country,” including this gentleman who is selling his $38 ticket to Dunham’s NYC performance for the hoped-for price of $900.

It gets better.

As of this writing, the ticket is still available for sale. Gawker posted about the ticket on Monday, The Cut ran the story on Tuesday, we’re giving this gentleman some free advertising today, and nobody is taking advantage of this incredible offer.

No, wait. One person did, and she was turned down.


And there’s one more piece that neither Gawker nor The Cut picked up but should be running as the lede: when you go to the BAM event webpage, you learn that the event, part of the Unbound series, actually features both Lena Dunham and Zadie Smith.

I mean, come on, I love Lena Dunham but nobody told me Zadie Smith would be there too.

That almost makes the event worth $900.

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