Other Fast Food Restaurants Paying Beyond the Minimum Wage

Last year, I wrote a post about Dick’s Drive In, a Seattle-based burger joint that pays its employees well above the federal minimum wage and provides a variety of benefits, including health care and a 401(k) with employer match.

The Times has a story up about other fast food restaurant chains that pay above the minimum wage including:

Boloco burrito restaurant (22 locations): $9/hr.
In-N-Out Burger (290 locations): $10.50/hr.
Shake Shack (34 locations): $9.50/hr.
Moo Cluck Moo (2 locations in Michigan): $15/hr.

Boloco co-founder John Pepper says a truly successful business is one that can pay its employees a good wage:

“If we really wanted our people to care about our culture and care about our customers, we had to show that we cared about them,” Mr. Pepper said. “If we’re talking about building a business that’s successful, but our employees can’t go home and pay their bills, to me that success is a farce.”

It probably helps that these chains are privately owned with no board of investors to report to.

Photo: Chelsea Nesvig

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