More Work Poetry!

Here is an angry poem I wrote lo these many years ago when I was an assistant at a talent agency, and I’m re-posting it here, because we’re doing poems now? Sure, why not.

It was my first job out of college and it was … well, let’s just say, it was not a good fit. The good people at Conte published the poem way back when.

I Couldn’t Print This At Work

finally, a lovely day today.
I know because I saw it
out the window.
finally a lovely day today.
you called your old assistant.

I feel cheated on.

is it not enough to be penned in
here with you, your name a cookie-cutter
for my voice, my fingers dispensing
your words? and after all, she left

but of course she’ll meet you
for a drink and a free ticket to the theater …
Friday, expense day, I’ll have to handle
the receipt it will reek
of perfume I couldn’t afford. out the window
meanwhile, spring.

the hangover medicine she kept
in the drawer is still there, if you’d like
to see it.

you are the worst, worse
than the landmine next door. you
are babyfat
patted together
with a neck like a pelican’s beak
and delicate hands that dangle
from your cufflinks
if they’re not picking
at your soft
red lips
You told me
to stop the crossword puzzles: fine
but you can’t stop this — after all
you told me: write everything down

Do you have any awesome / hilarious / bitter-spiteful work poetry? Send it our way!

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