Monday Check-In

Good morning! I’m exhausted from so much sun and happiness. How are you? Was the holiday worth it, or are you kind of annoyed at the amount that flowers and chocolate set you back?

I spent more on groceries than anticipated, around $60, and also more on restaurant food, including Friday night dinner ($45 for two of us) and kale-portobello-caramelized-onion pizza tonight ($17, same). For Mother’s Day, we ended up walking several miles, buying delicious breakfast sandwiches / brunch accoutrements ($24 for three of us, plus a whopping $2 for a Diet Coke for me) and visiting two parks and one backyard. Later babygirl and I dropped in on two bars, but we didn’t spend any money.

It’s weird doing a check in as a member of a family unit! How many of these expenses are mine? To be determined. Anyway, I estimated that I’d spend about $150, and I wasn’t too far off. How did you do? And wasn’t that sunshine glorious?

Pictured: The Edible Arrangements fruit bouquet my mom sent me after I made it Tim Burton-esque.

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