Some Costs Associated With a Relationship

by B. Benson

• Two cups of coffee at a nondescript diner: $5

• Two tickets to a movie, followed by two scoops of ice cream: $30

• New dress shirt: $50

• Dinner at restaurant, well-reviewed in newspaper: $70

• A bouquet of flowers: $15

• Happy hour drinks: $26

• Groceries to host a Sunday brunch: $45

• Wine tasting: $60

• Tuxedo rental for a wedding as a “plus one” guest: $145

• Day trip to pick apples and go hiking: $36

• Two plane tickets to visit parents: $770

• Bottle of wine as a gift to parents: $60

• New book about the American Civil War, for father, a Civil War enthusiast: $28

• Cab ride from airport, split to make two stops: $45

• A copy of apartment keys: $12

• A box, bought on eBay, to put keys in: $20

• Groceries for dinner for two: $80

• A man with a van to move one set of apartment things into another apartment: $200, including tip

• New dishes: $60

• Grocery shopping for two: $110

• One half share for new couch: $450

• Two pints of Ben & Jerry’s to eat while sitting on said couch: 2 for $5 deal

• A Netflix streaming subscription split among two: $4

• A room divider, to provide each other with individual space: $100

• A night out alone, with friends: $60

• Another night out alone, with friends: $50

• Another night out alone, with friends: $30

• An inflatable mattress: $45

• Plane ticket for one to visit parents: $300

• The other half for the couch: $450

• Takeout delivery for one: $25

• Coffee for one at a nondescript diner: $2.50

B. Benson is an office drone.

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