Thoughts After Overhearing That My Coworker Makes $10K More Than Me

by Molly Lorz

Maybe she was lying when she said it just now on the phone to her credit card company and I overheard her without even trying at all to listen

Why doesn’t she dress better then

Why does she wear flats without socks in winter if she is so damn rich

Why is she looking at Buzzfeed

Maybe she works overtime on extra projects at a time that isn’t when she gets here after me or leaves before me

Maybe she freelances, but that would breach the no freelancing rule and so maybe she’ll get fired and I will get her salary and mine

No wonder she gets fancy insane designer wraps every day for lunch and I have leftovers

No wonder she got tickets for her and her mom to go to see Wicked

Is this enough reason to ask for a raise

Molly Lorz lives in NYC.