Lush Cosmetics Names Shower Gel After Amazon Exec

The husband and wife team behind Lush — which this week won a high court battle against Amazon over its use of the word “lush” to sell rival cosmetics — has trademarked the name “Christopher North” as a brand name for a new range of toiletries, which could eventually extend to deodorants and hair removing cream. North is the managing director of

Ooh hoo. As the Guardian reports, Lush’s new line of Christopher North shower gel comes with the tagline, “rich, thick and full of it.” Apparently, the cosmetics company asked Amazon to take down their misleading bath products, which were described as “lush” and designed to look a lot like Lush’s own products, 17 different times before they filed a lawsuit. After three years of proceedings, a judge has ruled in Lush’s favor, remarking that Amazon should not be allowed to “ride roughshod over intellectual property rights” in the name of technological development.

The packaging of the North shower gel is covered in tongue-in-cheek digs at Amazon’s claimed tax avoidance and contentious business strategies.

Constantine said his designers had a “lot of fun” making the product, which is especially recommended for those with a “recent history of dry dull skin” and promises to flow “straight to your fulfillment centre with its super saver delivery”.

The product also boasts the “top tip: Kindle a new love for your skin, it’s not taxing to take care of your skin with this product packed with Amazon Prime ingredients”.

I’ll pop the popcorn.

Photo: artist in doing nothing

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