I Just Bought a SAD Lamp, AMA

Today I finally gave in and spent $100 on a weird-looking lamp that might (probably won’t?) work. But if it does work, imagine what a bargain $100 will feel like!

Whether I have seasonal affective disorder or just grew up in Florida is certainly up for debate — maybe some of you want to read my journal and let me know what you think? — but I do hate winter and I do hate my life in the winter, and certain close family members have been genuinely diagnosed with SAD, so after telling the 30th person on gchat that I was “doing ok” and “totally over winter” and joking that I wanted to buy a SAD lamp, I BOUGHT A SAD LAMP.

I’m feeling better already.

Although, has anyone ever bought one of these / do they work? Perhaps I should have asked you this before spending $100. My line of thinking was honestly this:

1. Think of all the things you waste $100 on!
2. Think of all the meals you cook when you are less sad, and all the money you’ll save.
3. Cheaper than a trip to Mexico.
4. Cheaper than visits to a therapist.
5. I would definitely pay $100 on the off chance I hate everything marginally less.
6. Free shipping! It practically pays for itself.

So in approximately eight business days, you can picture me writing these blog posts under both a humidifier and a SAD lamp, living my best life. I will certainly let you know how it goes.

Photo: Newsbie Pix