The Cost of Training for a 5K


• 5K entry fee: $25
• New running shoes, obviously: $100
• Maybe those Nikes all the cool kids have: +$50
• New running clothes, for motivation: $50
• Maybe from Lululemon so they last, I deserve quality: +$200
• And better socks, I read that socks are almost as important as shoes: $20
• How much are Lululemon socks?: +$50
• I’ll need an app to tell me how to train: $4
• Or maybe I should hire someone to train with me, you know, like a trainer: $100
• And I need to buy the Daft Punk album to run to: $9.99
• And obviously also Beyonce’s entire canon: $50
• I should also start taking regular yoga classes to stay limber: $20
• And I should get a treat after the race, which is in a month, but I should plan it now. Maybe I get a massage! A haircut! A newwwww outfit!: $200



• 5K entry fee: $25
• Shoes I have: free
• Clothes I have: free
• Socks I have: free
• 1032840 articles on the internet that tell you how to train for a 5k: free
• Music I have: free
• Stretching in my living room: free
• Working towards a goal and achieving a goal as adequate motivation: free
• Just doing things and not planning them out to be perfect: free
• Putting one foot in front of the other on pavement is the easiest exercise why are you making this so complicated: free
• I’m going to go running right now as soon as I finish this post: free
• Just as soon as I’m done: free
• Okay I’m going: free
• Bye: free

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