Reminder: You Have 9 Weeks Left To Use Your 2013 Vacation Days

I do not have a real job, and even when I did I always worked at places that didn’t have vacation policies because they claimed everyone could be adults about it and judge when they “deserved” or “earned” a vacation, or when their team (“team”) could spare them, but in reality it just means all the 23-year-olds take three-week long vacations in Europe and everyone else resents them and feels too guilty to leave work or doesn’t have enough energy for that kind of planning, even though they come home every other day complaining about how badly they need a vacation and how one day they are going to ask for an entire month off of work because they never take time off and what is their manager going to say, no? He doesn’t know how to say no. But then he would just be quietly disapproving and nothing is worse than his quietly disapproving face, and plus they’d give all my projects away and by the time I got back with my bag full of foreign consolation candy to give everyone else who was stuck here doing my work for me, I would have no job left to do and nothing to take a vacation away from.

But for those of you who do have HR departments: you do not have much time to schedule a vacation without seeming too obvious about using up your vacation days before they expire! You should do it now. Maybe take a super long break for Thanksgiving and go somewhere warm, or just you know, don’t work for awhile. Maybe you could spend your vacation studying STEM and making something of yourself? The world is your oyster!

Photo: Rennett Stowe

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