My Last Hundred Bucks: Things Add Up

by Audrey Ference

How’d you spend your last hundo, Audrey Ference?

$10: Two iced lattes with tip. I know it is stupid to pay that much for coffee but I don’t drink alcohol these days, so fancy coffee is my treat to myself.

$35: Indian food from Seamless. I should cook, I know, I’m very lazy. But it’s enough Indian food to last for like three days!

$2: Parking meter, because the one chick from my book club happens to live in the weirdest, parking spot-less-est part of Ditmas Park in Brooklyn. Who ever would’ve thought you couldn’t find parking in Ditmas Park!

$12: Wine for my friends who made me a nice dinner. Thanks friends.

$8: Netflix monthly payment. God, I sound so boring. I am usually doing more interesting stuff than this, I swear.

The rest, and then some: IKEA. Oh god, IKEA. I went in thinking it would be like $80 and walked out spending $250. They have such nice little frames and pillows and fancy things that seem cheap but are not in aggregate.

Audrey Ference lives in New York.

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